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Tony O'Donahue  

Position: #1 & Treasurer
Duties of the Corvallis Rural Fire Protection District Treasurer.pdf
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My first part of my life was in the UK, where I obtained a MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and moved into a career in Business Computer and Data Analysis. Then in 1995 I moved to Minneapolis to take on a consulting job again in Business Computing. I met my wife in 1999 and subsequently set up home with two dogs, and then soon a third. After a few years the enjoyment of flying throughout the country and even internationally for my job diminished and we were in a very fortunate position where I could give it up and focus on remodeling our home and supporting my wife in her profession.

It was at this time that a neighbor insisted I try out to be a volunteer firefighter - I found something that I enjoyed, was rewarding and supported the community. 

We subsequently relocated the PNW, where again I focused on remodeling our new home, caroling dogs and supporting my wife’s effort in her profession. Then one day my wife comes home, having met one of the CFD chiefs at the time, saying that volunteer recruitment for CFD was happening in a few days and I should go and try out the physical requirements tests - having just recovered from extensive knee surgery and not having trained for the exertion of the test, I thought it was a stretch, but I passed both the test and interviews and soon became a Community Volunteer Firefighter/EMT for CFD, predominately doing my shifts at the CRFPD Fire Station just north of the City (very close to where we live).

However, you can only fight time for so long and approaching 60 I considered it prudent to retire from Firefighting and leave it to younger bodies. But my desire to be involved and give back to the community is still here, so I started to attend CRFPD Board meeting and see what assistance I could be to the District. I found the role and responsibilities of the Board engaging and when a seat became free I run for it and was privileged to be voted on as a Board member in mid 2021. My term is for 4 years.