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Rural Sign Program

When addresses are not clearly visible, precious time can be lost during emergency responses. The Fire Department exists for the purpose of providing you service and assistance, but we have to be able to find you first! The CRFPD has tried to resolve this problem by providing residents the opportunity to purchase fiberglass address posts.


Since January of 1996, reflective address posts have been acquired for 800 of approximately 3,000 rural residences. The posts consist of highly reflective numbering on both sides, allowing for traffic traveling in either direction to identify the address. The address markers sell for $25.00 each, to cover the cost of materials. The posts are installed at the end of your driveway or lane, making your home or business easy to locate for both visitors and emergency services.

Thank you to all those residents who already have signs, you make our job easier - Please make sure they are still readily visible by clearing any adjacent weeds away and cleaning the sign to remove any dirt and/or moss.

Order A Single Sign