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About The Corvallis RFPD

About The Corvallis RFPDThe Corvallis Rural Fire Protection District (CRFPD) surrounds the greater Corvallis area providing fire suppression and fire prevention services through a contract with the City of Corvallis Fire Department (CFD). These services are delivered from four city owned fire stations and one CRFPD owned facility, Locke Fire Station.  The City owned fire stations are professionally staffed, while Locke Fire Station is run by a CFD Lieutenant, who oversees up to 12 Rural Resident Volunteers (RRVs) and as many as 2 citizen volunteers (CV's).  (The Corvallis Fire Department also provides ambulance service to all of Benton County through a separate agreement with the County.)  

The Corvallis Rural Fire Protection District is managed by a 5-member board. Each director is elected to a position for a four-year term. The positions are filled on an at-large basis and by staggered elections every two years.

The Board generally meets on the last Wednesday of each month either via Zoom or at the Locke Fire Station, 544 NW Lewisburg Avenue.  Meetings are open to the public and announced through email to district citizens and posted on this website's Home page along with the proposed agenda. Please use the Zoom link to watch our proceedings.