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Response Log & Chief's Report

The Fire Chief reports monthly to the board about incidents in the district and the city. The response log for Locke Station is a running tally of all calls from the first of the month to the last day at midnight as well as YTD totals.  The response log does not give specific information regarding any call just the number of fire, EMS and public assist calls for a given month. Also included in these reports are the Locke Station activity logs for the month.  Click on the link below to bring up the PDF format. 

 June 2016 Chief's Report (with FY2015 Totals)

 June 2017 Chief's Report (with FY2016 Totals)

 June 2018 Chief's Report (with FY2017 Totals)

 June 2019 Chief's Report (with FY2018 Totals)

 June 2020 Chief's Report (with FY2019 Totals)

 June 2021 Chief's Report (with FY2020 Totals)

 June 2022 Chief's Report (with FY2021 Totals)

June 2023 Chief's Report (with FY2022 Totals)