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John Taylor

Position: #4

Hello, I’m John Taylor “JT” and happy to share some of my background as one of the Corvallis Rural Fire Protection District’s (CRFPD) directors.   I have a mechanical engineering degree, studied business, and have found broad problem solving came naturally for me by believing there are solutions to problems when creativity is coupled with tenacity.  I believe suggestions and input from those close to the problem are high in value and should be listened to and incorporated where possible to achieve win-win outcomes. 

I’m interested in finding solutions and improving the safety processes for the residents of Benton County while maintaining the more rural lifestyle within the CRFPD.  As a woodland tract landowner, I’m very aware of the import of things like slash and litter spring burning is, and the risks that come with such action.  It is a race every year to best prepare one’s property prior to fire season.  It’s a big job.

After taking an early retirement from HP Inc as a technical lead, I have been active in a local team focused on safety items for both recreationists visiting and residents of the Oak Creek valley’s community, the Oak Creek Valley Safety Action Group.

The win-win team-oriented listening and leadership began for me as an Eagle Scout and Senior Patrol leader corralling peer teenagers.  Team oriented approaches professionally made for interesting opportunities at Emerson Electric,  and Ford Motor Company.  At Ford, I found a solution to a century-old, confined spaces safety problem.  Working with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code and best practices from Emerson/ASME, I worked to understand how we could eliminate the hazards of confined spaces by design.  I received approval from the United Auto Workers (UAW), Ford’s insurer, the local fire department and Ford management to implement the changes.  The outcome was an elimination of the hazardous confined space work areas entirely making all parties happy.  A true win-win, safer for union workers, less expensive, and much improved production uptime. 

Therefore, I see residents within the rural fire district as team members and hope they will attend the public CRFPD meetings, share their thoughts and participate to help us generate better solutions.

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