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Incident and Weather Information

Look below for maps showing weather, fire and other hazards:

- Click HERE for national incident map (7/14/2024)

- The Weather Underground map can be found HERE (7/14/2024)

- NOAA’s National Weather Service map can be found HERE (7/14/2024)

-Click HERE For National Weather Service information  (7/14/2024)

- For information on current lightening strikes, click HERE  (7/14/2024)

-The Northwest Interagency Coordinating Center has good information HERE on fire outlook for weekly, monthly and seasonal timeframes.  (7/14/2024)

-This site includes fire information for the Suislaw National Forest. (7/14/2024)

- For Oregon Department of Forestry Western Oregon Division’s facebook posts click HERE  (7/14/2024)